Anniversary Year 2011

The 200th anniversary of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger’s historic gliding flight across the Danube will take place in 2011. The town of Ulm will be celebrating the event with a special program throughout the year.

The main event will be the international flight competition for the regularly awarded Berblinger Prize. In the anniversary year, the prize money is being increased to 100,000 Euros and will be awarded for particularly eco-friendly and at the same time practicable aircraft, since the ecological use of energy and resources is also an important aspect and a much discussed subject in aviation. Ecological and innovative flight using electronic propulsion technologies has become the focal point of development and also plays a central role in the other events.

A varied programme designed to attract the interested public as well as aviation enthusiasts and professionals has been arranged to supplement the flight competition. The life and personality of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger offer many points of interest for an attractive programme of events, whereby the main focus will not be a debate about the historic figure of Berblinger himself, but rather an investigation into the significance of his work in the present day. Above all, the forward-looking aspects of the subject, such as physical phenomena, resource-saving technologies and individual mobility will be the centre of attention. We also aim to focus on the emotional aspect of Berblinger as an individual with a vision.

The main focal points of the programme will be a six-month Exhibition with the working title “Flight Pioneer Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger – Science, Technology and Creativity in Ulm” to be held in the Stadthaus, and an artistic analysis of Berblinger at the historic site. This will be accompanied by a popular science programme and scientific contribution, such as the documentation of the Berblinger competitions 2006 and 2011 as well as a historic documentation on Berblinger and other flight pioneers from the region of Ulm and Neu-Ulm, organized by the town history museum, Haus der Stadtgeschichte. Other events centred on this theme, as well as exhibitions, children’s’ and youth projects, guided tours and much more will be organised by various cultural institutions.

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