Technische Zeichnung Protese

Technische Zeichnung Protese

Technische Zeichnung Fluggerät

Nachbau des Fluggeräts im Ulmer Rathaus

Master Tailor and inventor …

Even if tailoring was not his preferred vocation, he became quite successful at it nevertheless: At the tender age of 21 he became a master tailor, four years ahead of the traditional age. He proved his talent for invention by literally putting the invalid Elias Schlumperger back on his feet. This local soldier had lost his foot to an exploding mortar in July 1807 when Ulm celebrated Napoleon's victory at the battle of Friedland. Back then the usual replacement was not much more than a wooden stilt.
Berblinger however designed and built an "artificial foot machine" for SchIumperger, which not only looked like an actual leg but —ancestor to today's artificial limbs—possessed movable joints.

Ulm being part of Bavaria from 1802 -1810, Berblinger turned to the King of Bavaria to have his invention authorized and announced to the whole country. In those times of war, when thousands of soldiers were turned into cripples, this authorization would have meant a huge increase of income to the already wealthy master-tailor. But his Majesty the King declined without giving a reason. What Berblinger turned to next can be learned from the following  advertisement, published in the Swabian Chronicle on April 28, 1811:

"Ulm, April 11: (New Flying Machine) After arduous efforts through several months, with the sacrifice of a significant sum of money, and with application of a restless study of mechanics, the undersigned has succeeded in inventing a flying machine which will undertake its first test flight in the coming days here in Ulm. With the support of several experts, the undersigned has come to firmly believe that there remains not a shadow of a doubt that it will succeed.
The machine will be on display for the inspection and delight of everyone in the hall of the guesthouse “Golden Cross" from this day onward until the day of the test flight, the exact hour of which will be announced in these pages. –Berblinger"


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