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Submission deadline for the Berblinger Competition 2016 was on June 21, 2016. Further applications can´t be accepted.

The 2016 Berblinger Competition

In 1986 on the 175th anniversary of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger's (known as the “Tailor of Ulm”) attempt to fly, the city of Ulm organised an international flight competition. The objective was to follow in Berblinger's footsteps, flying over the River Danube at his historic site.

Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger (1770–1829), who is regarded as the first aeronautical pioneer to employ the principle of gliding flight, found his way into aviation history with his flight test in 1811. In commemoration of his work, the city of Ulm donated a prize bearing his name, which was awarded for the first time in 1988. The Berblinger Prize is awarded for special efforts, developments and innovative ideas in the construction of aviation devices in the field of general aviation.

In 1996, for instance, a prize was awarded to the first manned, self-starting, fully solar-powered aircraft developed for the competition. In the flight competition in 2011, prizes went to a self-starting, high-performance glider with a low-noise, ecological propulsion system and to a lightweight, solar powered motorglider. The new long-term goal of the competition is now the 2020 low-emission long-distance flight. An initial construction competition was held in 2013 to advance this goal.
For 2016 the city of Ulm is hosting another construction competition to find and support interest in specific innovative developments in the field of general aviation for a low-emission long-distance flight.

Long-term objective: vision of a Danube flight:

In 1811, Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger had the vision of crossing the River Danube from one bank to the other using a hang-glider. In the spirit of Berblinger, and continuing his vision, the city of Ulm aims to promote developments in general aviation that make it possible to follow the course of the Danube along its whole length from source to mouth, also in stages, as free of noise and emissions as possible, using innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly aircraft. Ulm's Berblinger Prize will initially be awarded in theoretical competitions for ideas that will particularly contribute towards reaching this goal.

Assignment of tasks

The purpose of the Berblinger Competition 2016 is to explore theoretical approaches, based on the latest research results, knowledge and developments in aviation, which could contribute towards achieving the long-term vision of a Danube flight from the source to the mouth of the river. We are looking for ideas for an innovative manned aircraft or for individual components for such an aircraft, which could contribute towards the realization of the declared vision of a “Danube Flight”. Aspects of environmental sustainability such as energy consumption, exhaust and noise emissions, will play a particularly important role in this regard. Ultra-light aircraft are also eligible for the competition.

Conditions of entry

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