Submission deadline for the Berblinger Competition 2016 was on June 21, 2016. Further applications canĀ“t be accepted.


There are no restrictions on eligibility.


The submission must contain:

  • the completed and signed application form containing a declaration by the applicant that they hold the intellectual property rights to the submitted proposal,
  • a written description of the proposal, detailing its special features from the applicant's perspective,
  • all design details necessary for an evaluation,
  • visual material in the form of plans, drawings, photos, videos or models.

Except for the signed application form, all documentation may also be submitted digitally on CD or DVD. All documents must be written and labelled in German or English. The jury may request further documentation and materials for the assessment of the proposal at any time. Models and original parts must be packaged in such a way that they can be returned in the same package.

Submission deadline

Completed application documents should be sent to Stadt Ulm, Kulturabteilung, Frauenstr. 19, D-89073 Ulm by 21st June 2016.


By participating in the competition, the applicants are confirming that they hold the intellectual property rights to the submitted proposal to the exclusion of further claims of copyright protection.

Jury's assessment and awarding of prizes

An independent jury will assess the proposals submitted. The jury consists of representatives from the aviation and space industry, from universities and research institutions and representatives of the city of Ulm. Further experts may be called on to assess particular aspects. The competition proposals will be assessed regarding the extent to which they fulfil the stipulated requirements. Prize money of 25,000 euros will be awarded to the winner. The jury reserves the right to divide the prize money. All costs in connection with participation in the competition shall be borne by the applicant. The decisions of the jury are binding and final.

Award ceremony

The Lord Mayor of Ulm will present the prize(s) in a special ceremony. An exhibition is planned to showcase the projects of all competitors.


The city of Ulm intends to publish documentation to accompany the competition. By entering the competition, applicants give their consent to the written and pictorial publication of their work based on the submitted documents, and to the publication of the jury's decision, in connection with promotional and documentation activities for the Berblinger Prize. Participants provide the information and material to the city of Ulm for the accompanying documentation and any possible promotional measures, press releases and reports relating to the Berblinger Competition free of charge. For reasons of data protection, all data, documents and materials submitted by the participants will be stored securely until the date of the award ceremony. The members of the jury, any additional experts and the agency tasked with the accompanying documentation/exhibition are pledged to secrecy accordingly.

Data protection

By entering the competition the applicants give their consent to the storage of the data they have submitted. The data is exclusively used for the purposes of the competition. Applicants may rescind their consent to the temporary storage of their personal data at any time and, in so doing, withdraw from the competition.

Changes to the competition rules and conditions

The city of Ulm reserves the right to amend or supplement the rules and conditions in relation to issues that arise during the competition. Such changes will be published on the homepage at

Early closing

The city of Ulm reserves the right to close the competition early for significant cause without giving rise to any claims in this respect.

Other provisions

There is no legal recourse.
If individual provisions of the competition rules and conditions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining rules and conditions shall not be affected. A reasonable provision that best meets the purpose of the ineffective provision shall be agreed in its place.

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